With Every Step a Word and Every Word a Step

Through the course of our short lives, we pay witness to many wonderful things. We will do things that literally stop our hearts beating temporarily and we’ll feel emotions that suck the living breath from our lungs.
Through many of life’s cruellest moments, we will also be forced to endure pain and suffering. These times may come in the form of emotional turmoil, loss and life-changing events.
We are resilient though, we are born to survive and push ourselves to the limits. All of us at times will face seemingly insurmountable obstacles.    We will often refer to these obstacles as “a mountain to climb”. They could be brought on by workload, relationships or our real mountains, financial, physical, illness and psychological issues.
The world’s largest mountain, Everest, for many years, was seen as a number, XV (15). Nobody knew it was the highest of them all, until in 1856 when Andrew Waugh confirmed it at a height of 29,029 ft. So from here, when we might say, “we have a mountain to climb”, we have our own Everest or indeed, our own “Peak XV”. 

Graeme Houston


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